Kaia FIT Dayton, NV: Nicole Nickell

After having my daughter in 2004, I began to notice that staying in shape was getting harder and harder. Between PCOS, gall bladder and thyroid issues the weight piled on. I hit my heaviest weight of 295 in 2008, the result of being a working mom, not taking care of myself and going through a state depression after my Grandmother expectantly passed away.

In 2012, after trying to lose weight for over a year with little success, I decided to have gastric bypass. It was a last resort. I had surgery January 29, 2013, weighing 272 pounds, and I have never regretted it. In April 2013, I decided to try running with the c25k program and started taking spin classes. The first few were horrible! I struggled to run even 90 seconds! I began using Instagram to document my weight loss journey, and there I met Ashley Woods...who introduced me to Kaia!

Kaia was like nothing I had ever experienced. The first few demo classes left me breathing hard, sweaty and feeling exhausted! I never thought I would enjoy getting up at 5AM to work out! Ashley made sure everyone felt welcomed and knew they could work out with no judgment and at their comfort level. After demos, I signed up for the full classes...I was in love! And I no longer paid as much attention to the scale, but how I felt! I was becoming stronger with every class and Saturday fun run. I met an amazing group of ladies who I looked forward to seeing every morning! Even after an ankle injury that kept me out for almost 3 months, the Kaia FIT Dayton girls encouraged, included and cheered me on.

Since January 2013, with the help of regular spin classes, running and Kaia, I have lost over 115 pounds. I have gained health, strength, love and friendship that I never imagined. In May of 2014, I RAN my first half marathon, running the whole thing! Never in a million years did I even imagine walking a mile! I could not have accomplished this without Kaia FIT in my life.

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