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Discover Different Womens Fitness in Midtown, Spanish Springs, and West Reno at Kaia FIT

At Kaia FIT, we understand that women tend to put others first in their daily lives as moms, wives, friends, and coworkers. That’s why we created a community where it’s all about you. Overall well-being begins with your physical health and connects to the mind and soul – and we address all three elements of the whole person. We offer fitness programs for women including cross-training classes, barre classes, a TRX workout program, womens boot camps three times a year, and more. We also provide our special Kaia FIT nutrition programs because we know the importance of a healthy diet as part of a truly healthy lifestyle. Our personalized services are designed to promote optimal health, stimulate your mind, and nurture your soul. We have something to offer women of all ages and fitness levels. Join our team today. 

Things to Do in Midtown

Midtown is a great place to be if you want to make sure that your recreational activities are good for your health. Here are some fun things to try.

  • Local Roots Food Tours. A food tour may not sound like it would help you reach your fitness goals, but this one can. That’s because as you explore the local restaurants, chefs, history, and architecture, you’ll also spend a large portion of the three-hour tour walking. When you do stop to eat, you’ll enjoy delicious, healthy, local food. 
  • William Land Park. William Land Park offers many things to do for the whole family. Enjoy the Adventure Play Area, basketball court, golf course, jogging path, rock garden, softball field, wading pool, and picnic areas suitable for large or small gatherings. 
  • Funderland Park. Here’s a fun way to get the entire family off the couch. Visit Funderland Zoo, a local amusement park with lots of rides and attractions for children and their parents. Enjoy a long walk around the park, stopping to sample the thrilling rides, games, crafts, and more. 

Things to Do in Spanish Springs

Spanish Springs offers several ways to stay active and enjoy yourself during your downtime. Try:

  • Lake Sumter Landing. Explore the Lake Sumter Landing Market Square and its colorful waterfront setting. You’ll be reminded of your childhood thanks to the lighthouse, the nightly entertainment, the movie theater, and much more. 
  • Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center. This is truly an amazing place to walk around, get moving, and enjoy some local history. Located in The Villages, the Eisenhower Regional Recreation Center offers interesting exhibits including items from across the world. Donated military photos, and more. 
  • Lakes of Lady Golf Club. If you enjoy golf (or want to try it out), this is a fun executive course to explore. The unique layout is full of variety and adventure. Try it out one weekend – golf is a fun and healthy way to keep your body moving. 

Things to Do in West Reno

Reno is chock-full of things to do and ways to keep fit. The next time you’re looking for a way to stay active on an afternoon off, check out these attractions. 

  • Sierra Adventures. Sierra Adventures is a fantastic Reno company that offers myriad ways to fit in some exercise while having a blast, including mountain biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, kayaking, paddle boating, snowshoeing, and much more. Check out their offerings and book a tour for you and your family or a few friends. 
  • Virginia Lake Park. We love Virginia Lake Park – a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with playgrounds, fitness areas, a fishing pier, a dog park, picnic areas, and a 25-acre lake. You’ll also see plenty of wildlife, particularly the waterfowl that call the lake home. 
  • Mt. Rose Ski Resort. Ready for some real adventure? It’s time for a ski trip with friends or family. Skiing is a super healthy activity as it can strengthen your muscles and bones, increase endurance, promote good balance, improve flexibility, and even give your mood a boost. 

If you’re looking for something fun to do that aligns with your fitness goals, the West Reno area has you covered. 

Join Kaia FIT Today

We are Reno’s premier womens fitness gym, offering lots of womens fitness programs and a welcoming and judgment-free environment. Our group workout classes and nutrition programs give you a well-rounded approach to fitness and overall well-being. We hope you’ll join us and explore out cardio workout classes, barre classes, TRX training, and more. We help our members burn calories, lose fat, and get stronger with our group fitness classes and a welcoming and challenging group atmosphere. Watch the number on the scale go down without fear that it will soon come right back up. See your physical performance improve day by day. We can’t wait to help you reach beyond your goals. Contact Kaia FIT today to book your first session. 

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